Today we added a long wanted feature to the CloudConvert webinterface: Adding any file via URL! No need to download the file to your computer first and then upload it to CloudConvert again. This feature was already available on the API for a while and we added this possibility to the webinterface now.

Therefore we added a new item at the “Select files” dropdown:


After clicking “Add from URL” you have the possibility to enter the file URL.

We think this feature might be highly useful for some of you. We hope you like it!

mookupWe are finally glad to announce CloudConvert for iOS! We spent a lot of effort to bring CloudConvert on the iOS platform – and now it is done! The universal app for both iPhone and iPad offers all functionality you are used to from the CloudConvert webinterface. Also, the web integrates into iOS to export and import any file from other apps. Of course, we support Dropbox and Google Drive as storage.

Mobile iOS devices are already established productivity devices for the daily use. There are a lot of professional apps out there that support you. We strongly believe CloudConvert is an additional helper for productivity on iOS devices.

The CloudConvert app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and is available now. If you like it (or not) we are thankful for every review!



We added another great feature for PDF files!

You might know this problem: Someone sent you a password protected PDF file and you would like to remove this password protection to use the PDF file more easily (e.g. on your Smartphone or Tablet). CloudConvert can help you out with this problem now!

Therefore, just open the PDF file with CloudConvert and select PDF as output format. The button for the advanced options will appear.

Also, it is possible to add encryption (and password protection) to PDF files. In this case we offer very advanced options. So it is possible to allow (or not) the user to extract grphics from the PDF, to modify, annotate it etc.

We hope you like this new feature!




Another great news for our Google Drive and Dropbox users out there!

CloudConvert extracts nearly any archive (ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, TAR.GZ, ACE, TAR.BZ2 and many many more)  directly inside your Dropbox or Google Drive. No need to download the archive, open it with an unarchiver and upload the files again!

We support the extraction of password protected ZIP and RAR archives (Nevertheless you need to know the password 🙂 )


Currently this feature is limited for 100 files inside an archive because of technical reasons. We think that it is better for bigger archives to extract them directly on your computer.

Of course it is also possible to use this feature with S3 storage and our API.

We hope that you like it!

RAW file contain uncompressed and untouched raw image data from cameras. These RAW files are also sometimes called digital negatives. The purpose of raw files is to get maximum information from the sensor of the camera to give possibilites to adjust the image later (e.g. white balancing and color grading).

CloudConvert now offers the possibility to convert these RAW files to common image formats (JPG, PNG etc).

There are really a lot of different RAW file formats out there – and it was some work to support all the different ones (see Wikipedia for a list of different raw formats).

A small selection of supported raw formats:

Are you missing a special raw format? Contact us!

Today we announce advanced batch converting features. If you selected more than 2 files, the following new controls will apear:


If your selected files are convertable to PDF (all images, documents or ebooks), it is possible to merge them all into one single PDF. This makes it possible to easily merge your PDFs, DOCs and JPGs into one, universal readable, file.



Beside this feature it is possible to create archives now with CloudConvert. Use the “pack to” button to create ZIP, RAR, TAR (and many more) archives. This function can also be used to make batch converting much easier: Just pack all your convert files into one ZIP and download them, instead of downloading all files individual.



screenshot-2013-10-24-00-20-41-402x150Finally we are proud to announce support for Apple’s Pages documents, spreadsheets created with Numbers and Keynote presentations!

Pages, Numbers and Keynote is part of the iWork software package by Apple, which is available for Mac OS X and iOS. We support files created with the brand new iWork 2013 and also support conversions back to older iWork `09 files. From today CloudConvert offers experimental support for the following conversion types:

.pages to .doc
.pages to .docx
.pages to .pdf
.pages to .txt
.pages to .pages (Pages 09)

.numbers to .xls
.numbers to .xlsx
.numbers to .pdf
.numbers to .numbers (Numbers 09)

.key to .ppt
.key to .pdf
.key to .key (Keynote 09)

Several people asked us for examples for using the CloudConvert API. We can provide now two very simple PHP examples on GitHub.

Feel free to use, modify and extend it! Also, if you are doing implementations for node.js or Python, feel free to publish them.

Some CloudConvert users told us the demand to convert one file to different output formats. Before, it was necessary to upload the same file multiple times. Now it is possible to convert the same file in another format or with other options without uploading it again. This is in special interesting for big video files. Therefore you can use the dropdown menu of the download button and select “Convert this file again”.

Also, it is now possible to get QR codes of the download links. Thus you can download your converted files directly on your smartphone. For more information about QR Codes and how to use them, click here.