Several people asked us for examples for using the CloudConvert API. We can provide now two very simple PHP examples on GitHub.

Feel free to use, modify and extend it! Also, if you are doing implementations for node.js or Python, feel free to publish them.

Some CloudConvert users told us the demand to convert one file to different output formats. Before, it was necessary to upload the same file multiple times. Now it is possible to convert the same file in another format or with other options without uploading it again. This is in special interesting for big video files. Therefore you can use the dropdown menu of the download button and select “Convert this file again”.

Also, it is now possible to get QR codes of the download links. Thus you can download your converted files directly on your smartphone. For more information about QR Codes and how to use them, click here.


Anewering user requests, we now support the conversion of DMG, ISO and IMG images.

ISO and IMG files are images of CDs or DVDs. Most modern operating systems like Windows 8 support ISO files natively. However, up to Windows 7 this was not supported and 3rd party software was needed.

DMG files are used on Mac OS X. To open them on Windows you also need additional software.

CloudConvert can converte these and many other files to common formats like ZIP. No need for additional software, just send it to CloudConvert. Here are some example conversions:

Of course, you can also convert these images to other archove formats like RAR or 7Z.

CloudConvert supports the conversion of PDF to DOC and PDF to RTF. Today we complete the conversion of PDF files with the PDF to HTML converter.

Please note, as always when converting PDF files, that the quality of the outcoming file strongly depends on the complexity of the PDF file. We think our converters do a pretty good job and are doing it better than most of our competitors. Just try it out!

We just improved the anything to MP4, anything to AVI and anything to MP3 conversions on CloudConvert.

Instead of setting the video bitrate of the H264 and MPEG4 codec to fixed 1000 kbps, we now automatically detect the best bitrate to get a very good quality video. Of course, it is still possible for advanced users to change this settings and to adjust the bitrate by their own.

Furthermore we use variable bitrates (VBR) insetad of constant bitrates (CBR) for MP3 now as default. You can adjust the bitrate range in the conversion settings.

Responding on your feedback we added some advanced eBook conversion options. So it is possible to set the Target Reader which results in a optimized output profile. Kindle (Fire), iPad, Sony Reader and many more popular devices are supported. Also, you can override the original author and title of the eBook file.

Are there other options missing? Just tell us!


1368213803_google_driveWe are glad to announce Google Drive support for CloudConvert!

It is both possible to select files from Google Drive as input files and to send your converted files into your personal Google Drice account. When you do this the first time, you will be asked for the necesarry permissions. You can manually connect with Google Drive here. Don’t worry, we access the Google Drive API in “Per-file access mode”, which means we can technically only access the files you explicit send to us.


Also, it is possible to use CloudConvert directly within Google Drive (after you connected your account with Google Drive). Just right click on any file, select “Open With” and send it to CloudConvert.


Recently we got a feedback mail from Adam, in which he mentioned his need to trim MP4 videos at the beginning and/or the end.

It is now possible to trim video files (MP4, AVI, MPG and many others) or audio files (MP3 etc). This happens without reencoding, which means there is no loss in quality.

To do so, select the same output format as the input format (e.g. mp4 to mp4 or mp3 to mp3):

cut off video

Afterwards click the wrench icon for advanced options.

trim mp4

You can set the start and end point (formated as hours:minutes:seconds) for cutting of the video at “Trim”. Just leave one field blank to keep the file to the beginning/end. In this case, 30 seconds from MP4 are cut off at the beginning.

Make sure “copy video/audio from input file” are selected. This prevents CloudConvert from reencoding the video.

Do you also have feedback for us? Just contact us. Thanks!


Welcome to CloudConvert Beta!

Our final tests proceeded pretty positive, so we decided to open CloudConvert for public Beta. Please note, that CloudConvert is not final and there may be bugs and problems. We think it is the best to develop CloudConvert hand in hand with user feedback in order to fullfill your needs for this service.

You are very welcome to test this service and give us feedback about:

  • Bugs, Problems…
  • Missing conversion formats or conversion options
  • API stuff
  • Any other improvements or suggestions

Please send us your thoughts below this posting, on Twitter, on Facebook or via eMail.

Thank you!