This CLI for CloudConvert allows easy and fast conversions of files using the terminal. For more information and the source code have a look at the repository on GitHub.


As this CLI is based on the cloudconvert-node module, node.js has to be installed, of course.

npm install -g cloudconvert-cli
And set your CloudConvert API Key as enviroment variable:
export CLOUDCONVERT_API_KEY=your_key


To convert input.pdf to jpg:

cloudconvert -f jpg input.pdf
Batch converting is supported:
cloudconvert -f jpg file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf
cloudconvert -f jpg *.pdf
cloudconvert -f jpg folder/*.*
You can set conversion specific options using the -c argument. For example, if you would like to get the first page of a PDF resized to the width of 250:
cloudconvert -f jpg -c page_range=1-1 -c resize=250x input.pdf
The best way to find out the possible options and values is using the API Console.

More info

See on GitHub