The Folder Monitoring feature is deprecated and will be removed at the end of this year. We recommend using alternatives like Zapier. Zapier allows to create automated workflows and is integrated with CloudConvert.
Folder Monitoring Create Trigger

CloudConvert Folder Monitoring is a powerful feature to make your workflow even more efficient. You can set up special folders in your Google Drive or Dropbox account as Triggers. Every time you add a file to this folder it is automatically converted to a chosen output format with your customized options.

Some example use cases would be: Convert all added files to PDF, Resize added images to a specific size, Encrypt all added PDFs with a password.

The CloudConvert Folder Monitoring Feature is only available for users with Prepaid Packages or Subscriptions. Click on Pricing to checkout the available pricing models.

Files added to a choosen Google Drive or Dropbox Folder
Folder Monitoring

Automatic conversion to specific output format