You can use any FTP server as storage both for input and output of conversions. Therefore we recommend for security reasons to create a seperate user / password login to your FTP server with limited rights.

The following example shows how to start such a conversion. Please read the documentation about the other necassary parameters for starting conversions.

Parameter Description
input/ * The FTP server host. (Required)
input/output.ftp.port The port the FTP server is bind to. (Optional, Default: 21)
input/output.ftp.user * FTP username. (Required)
input/output.ftp.password * FTP password. (Required)
file * Filename, including path, of the input file. (Required)
output.ftp.path Filename, including path, for the output file. If not set the key will be choosen automatically (filename.outformat). If this value ends with "/" the output file is stored in the corresponding directory. (Optional)