Create Thumbnails

Create thumbnails tasks

Create a task to create a PNG or JPG thumbnail of one input file. Requires the task.write scope.

input string or array, required The ID of the input task for the thumbnail creation, normally the import task. Multiple task IDs can be provided as an array.
input_format string, optional The current format of the file, e.g. pdf. If not set, the extension of the input file is used as input format.
output_format string, required The target format to convert to.
Converting {{ inputFormat }} to {{ outputFormat }} is not supported.
This conversion type is marked as experimental.
engine string, optional Use a specific engine for the conversion. We recommend setting an engine because the default engine for the conversion type might change in future.

engine_version string, optional Use a specific engine version for the conversion.
filename string, optional Choose a filename (including extension) for the output file.
If the conversion produces multiple output files, printf style placeholders are possible (e.g. myfile-%d.pdf produces the output files myfile-1.pdf, myfile-2.pdf and so on).
timeout integer, optional Timeout in seconds after the task will be cancelled. By default, tasks time out after 5 hours.
... optional Conversion and engine specific options. Depends on input_format and output_format.
Select input and output format above to show additional conversion options.
{{ }} optional, {{ option.type }} Defaults to {{ option.default }}. Possible values: , .


The created task. You can find details about the task model response in the documentation about the show tasks endpoint.



Example Request

$ curl -X POST "" \
       -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY" \
       -H "Content-type: application/json" \
       -d '{
  "input": "73df1e16-fd8b-47a1-a156-f197babde91a",
  "input_format": "mp4",
  "output_format": "png",
  "width": 300,
  "height": 200,
  "fit": "crop"

Example Response

  "data": {
    "id": "c85f3ca9-164c-4e89-8ae2-c08192a7cb08",
    "operation": "thumbnail",
    "status": "processing",
    "message": null,
    "created_at": "2018-09-19T14:42:58+00:00",
    "started_at": "2018-09-19T14:42:58+00:00",
    "ended_at": null,
    "depends_on_tasks": {},
    "engine": "ffmpeg",
    "engine_version": "4.1.4",
    "payload": {
      "input": "73df1e16-fd8b-47a1-a156-f197babde91a",
      "input_format": "mp4",
      "output_format": "png",
      "width": 300,
      "height": 200,
      "fit": "crop"
    "result": null