API v1 is deprecated and will be turned off on January 1, 2022. Check out the API v2 documentation.

The CloudConvert REST API offers you great possibilities to convert files in the same way as you can do on the CloudConvert website.


API Documentation

Read the full documentation of our Conversions API which explains full functionality of the CloudConvert API and provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate it in your own applications.

API Documentation


API Console

To get started you can just play around with the API console. The API Console also generates basic code snippets, which can be used for an easy and fast integration in your app!

API Console



Use our Command Line Interface to handle huge batch conversions with ease.


Zapier Integration

CloudConvert can be integrated with 500+ Apps using Zapier without writing one line of code!

Zapier Integration

Official Wrappers

To make integration more straightforward we do provide several wrappers for the API integration.

Coding Language Source / Documentation
PHP GitHub
node.js GitHub
Python GitHub
Swift GitHub

If you have issues with one of our wrappers please open an issue on the GitHub project page. Of course, feel free to improve and modify them.

Third Party Wrappers

There are also third party wrappers created by our awesome users, that allow you to interface with the CloudConvert API in a variety of environments. Please note that these wrappers are not created by us and we can not fully support them. If you have issues with them just open an issue on their GitHub project page. Please let us know if you created a new wrapper, we gladly would like to list it here.

Coding Language Description Source / Documentation Author
PHP/Laravel A Laravel wrapper for the CloudConvert API. GitHub Robbie Paul
node.js Non-blocking API for CloudConvert GitHub Wildhoney
Java Jersey-client based implementation of the CloudConvert API GitHub aioobe
Ruby A ruby wrapper for the CloudConvert API GitHub edwinv710
Ruby Another Ruby wrapper for CloudConvert GitHub pandurang90
Python Python API wrapper for CloudConvert GitHub gcq
Go CloudConvert Go client package GitHub tgulacsi
.NET CloudConvert API .NET Wrapper GitHub aliencube
.NET Another CloudConvert API .NET Wrapper GitHub MadScripter
Perl Perl command line client GitHub Jakob Voß
R R package to convert file format using CloudConvert API GitHub Mukul Chaware

Interactive Examples

The following interactive examples can give you a quick overview how the CloudConvert API works. You can adjust these examples easily to your specific use case. Also, have a look at our API console, which generates ready-to-use code snippets.

Simple Conversion Convert a vector SVG to a PNG image. Can be adapted to any other conversion type easily.
Video conversion Get codec information and a thumbnail about an existing MP4 file; convert it to different resolutions.
Website to PNG Get a website screenshot as PNG.
Combine PDFs Combine two PDFs to one PDF.