API v1 is deprecated and will be turned off on January 1, 2022. Check out the API v2 documentation.

It is possible to use Google Cloud Storage as storage both for input and output of conversions.

The following example shows how to start such a conversion. Please read the documentation about the other necassary parameters for starting conversions.

Parameter Description
file * The filename, including path, of the input file. (Required)
input/output.googlecloud.projectid * The Google Cloud Project ID. (Required)
input/output.googlecloud.bucket * The Google Cloud Storage Bucket name. (Required)
input/output.googlecloud.credentials * The credentials object is the content of the JSON key file, which can be generated using the Google Developers Console. (Required)
output.googlecloud.path Filename, including path, for the output file. If this value ends with "/" the output file is stored in the corresponding directory. (Optional)
output.googlecloud.metadata Object of metadata which should be send with the output file. (Optional)