API v1 is deprecated and will be turned off on January 1, 2022. Check out the API v2 documentation.

CloudConvert can be used to extract file metadata from PDF, image, video and audio files. Therefore the API offers the info mode. Currently, all info mode API requests are free and do not consume any conversion minutes!

The following example shows how to start such a info mode conversion. Please note that the mode parameters needs to be set to info in both the create process API request and the start process API request (refer to the documentation about the other necassary parameters for starting conversions).

An example response for such requests for a PDF file could be the following. The extracted metadata can be found in the info key of the finished process.

    'id': 'v4cw72hf3',
    'url': '//srv01.cloudconvert.com/process/v4cw72hf3',
    'percent': 100,
    'message': 'File initialized',
    'step': 'finished',
    'info': {
         'Title': 'CONPLAN 8888-11 ... Pentagon Zombie Plan',
         'Author': 'Doug',
         'Creator': 'CONPLAN 8888-11 ... Pentagon Zombie Plan',
         'Producer': 'Mac OS X 10.11.1 Quartz PDFContext',
         'CreationDate': 'Tue Nov 24 15:52:23 2015',
         'ModDate': 'Tue Nov 24 15:52:23 2015',
         'Tagged': 'no',
         'UserProperties': 'no',
         'Suspects': 'no',
         'Form': 'none',
         'JavaScript': 'no',
         'Pages': '2',
         'Encrypted': 'no',
         'Page size': '595 x 842 pts (A4)',
         'Page rot': '0',
         'File size': '74023 bytes',
         'Optimized': 'no',
         'PDF version': '1.3'

Along with getting metadata from video files it is possible to generate a thumbnail. Therefore have a look at the following example request.

Please have a look at the complete video conversion example, which shows how this mode can be used in context.