Oct 3, 2014

Announcing Subscriptions

We know that our users like the flexibility and the fairness of our prepaid packages. Because of this we will not touch this payment model. Nevertheless there are cases in which a fixed subscription makes more sense: For example if you are using CloudConvert for a customer and you do not want the customer to manually buy new packages every few months. Or maybe you know exactly how much conversions per month you need. For these cases we now offer subscriptions: You can subscribe for a fixed amount of conversion minutes per month. Not used conversions will expire at the end of the month. There is no minimum term, so you can change or cancel the subscription at anytime.

Because the unused quota expires at the end of the month, we can offer our subscription packages up to 50% cheaper than our prepaid packages. Checkout the different pricing models here.

The best part of the new payment model is: You can combine subscriptions and prepaid packages! Quota from subscriptions will be used up first before we touch your quota from prepaid packages. This means if you use a certain minimum of conversions per month, you can buy a subscription for this. Additionally you can buy a prepaid package as backup, which will only be used if your subscription quota is used up.

Besides this we added some bigger prepaid packages: 50,000 and 100,000 conversion minutes (with some good discount, of course!).

We hope you like our new payment model. As always we are open for your feedback on this!