Feb 1, 2015

Changes in Default Behaviour for File Storage

CloudConvert is made for converting files and is not a file storage provider. Because of this we had to do a little change in the API default behaviour. Up to now all input and output files of the conversions were stored until the conversion was deleted (automatically after 24h). This caused some problems for us: We had to store TB of files nobody used any more: In most cases the output files were already download or saved on Google Drive / S3 / FTP and there was no need to keep them on our servers any more.

To handle this problem we changed the API default behaviour to the following:

  • Files are automatically deleted after the first download of the output file
  • Files are automatically deleted if they were stored on some output provider like Google Drive or S3

In 99% of all cases this fits for our API users and the change does not require any changes of your API implementations. Nevertheless there are cases in which you relay on the longer storage of the output files:

  • If you need to download the output file multiple times
  • If you want to do multiple conversions of the same file

For these cases we added the new save parameter. If you set this parameter you will get the old behaviour back: All files are stored until the conversion is deleted.