Apr 16, 2013

How to trim your video and audio files

Recently we got a feedback mail from Adam, in which he mentioned his need to trim MP4 videos at the beginning and/or the end.

It is now possible to trim video files (MP4, AVI, MPG and many others) or audio files (MP3 etc). This happens without reencoding, which means there is no loss in quality.

To do so, select the same output format as the input format (e.g. mp4 to mp4 or mp3 to mp3):


Afterwards click the wrench icon for advanced options.


You can set the start and end point (formatted as hours:minutes:seconds) for cutting of the video at "Trim". Just leave one field blank to keep the file to the beginning/end. In this case, 30 seconds from MP4 are cut off at the beginning.

Make sure "copy video/audio from input file" are selected. This prevents CloudConvert from reencoding the video.

Do you also have feedback for us? Just contact us. Thanks!