Mar 30, 2022

Signed URLs - On demand, single click file conversions

CloudConvert now offers a new and convenient way to convert files on demand: Signed URLs. These URLs allow dynamic, on-demand file conversion and will automatically cache the results.

There are a lot of use cases for such dynamic file conversions: For example, a "Download as PDF" button on a website which dynamically creates a PDF version of the current page. Another use case is a thumbnail image of a DOCX file which is created automatically and on-demand.

As a demo, you can just click on this signed URL which is a dynamically created PNG version of this blog post!

Technically, you first need to create a signed URL base using your dashboard. Using this signed URL base you then can create dynamic signed URLs using URL parameters. To secure the URL a signature is required.

As of today, all of our official SDKs have been updated to support this new feature. Check out the full documentation about signed URLs.