Nov 30, 2014

Add subtitles to videos


CloudConvert now offers the possibility to burn text subtitles (hardsubs) into videos. Therefore you need the SRT file (SubRip Subtitle File) which contains the texts. Afterwards select the video file using the CloudConvert webinterface. As output format you can choose to keep the video format. Using the advanced options select the SRT file (see the screenshot) and start the conversion!

Update: We now also support the more advanced ASS files for adding subtitles!

Nov 17, 2014

Improved Word, PowerPoint and Excel conversions

A long requested improvement went live this night! We significantly improved the conversion results of DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X) and other office formats. The conversion results will now like like as they were natively saved with Microsoft Office. Moreover we support complex and well formatted  documents and embedding fonts.

Just try it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

Oct 3, 2014

Announcing Subscriptions

We know that our users like the flexibility and the fairness of our prepaid packages. Because of this we will not touch this payment model. Nevertheless there are cases in which a fixed subscription makes more sense: For example if you are using CloudConvert for a customer and you do not want the customer to manually buy new packages every few months. Or maybe you know exactly how much conversions per month you need. For these cases we now offer subscriptions: You can subscribe for a fixed amount of conversion minutes per month. Not used conversions will expire at the end of the month. There is no minimum term, so you can change or cancel the subscription at anytime.

Because the unused quota expires at the end of the month, we can offer our subscription packages up to 50% cheaper than our prepaid packages. Checkout the different pricing models here.

The best part of the new payment model is: You can combine subscriptions and prepaid packages! Quota from subscriptions will be used up first before we touch your quota from prepaid packages. This means if you use a certain minimum of conversions per month, you can buy a subscription for this. Additionally you can buy a prepaid package as backup, which will only be used if your subscription quota is used up.

Besides this we added some bigger prepaid packages: 50,000 and 100,000 conversion minutes (with some good discount, of course!).

We hope you like our new payment model. As always we are open for your feedback on this!

Sep 12, 2014

New API Console


The CloudConvert REST API is a very powerful and extensive tool. To make it even more easy to use for developers we offer now a new API Console. It is possible to play around with the CloudConvert API without writing any line of code! And the best part: It even offers small code snippets (Bash, PHP, node.js, Python) which can be directly integrated in applications.


Sep 5, 2014

Font formats support

In times of web and icon fonts it can be sometimes useful to convert between different font formats. Because of this we support now the conversion between OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), Web Open Font Format (WOFF), Embedded OpenType (EOT), and, of course, SVG!

Do you miss a format or function? Tell us!

Sep 4, 2014

Convert using your custom ffmpeg or imagemagick commands

FFmpeg and imagemagick are far developed and proven tools for video and image processing. We are also using modified versions of these tools under the hood. Because of this we also want that our users can profit from the full power of these tools. The most important conversion options are configurable with our webinterface and API options. Due the fact that these tools are so powerful and offer tons of options, we can never implement all of these options.

Because of this CloudConvert now offers the option to set your own, custom command line options for the ffmpeg command and the convert command (part of the imagemagick suite). Many of our users know these tools already and are familiar with the command line options.

We always use one of the latest available versions of these tools. Currently this is ffmpeg 2.3.3 and imagemagick 6.8.9. This means you can always profit from the full power of these tools without the pain of hosting, maintaining and upgrading them.

From today you can set your custom commands using our webinterface. To do this use the advanced options and set up a custom command.  Check out the ffmpeg and imagemagick documentations to find out about all possible parameters. The following custom command applies an grayscale filter to a MP4 video.


Of course, you can save your custom command as preset to use it more easily. Also, you can use the custom commands using our API. Therefore see the following example of starting a process:

 "input": "download",
 "file": "",
 "outputformat": "mp4",
 "converter" : "ffmpeg",
 "converteroptions": {
  "command" : "-i {INPUTFILE} -vf format=gray,format=yuv422p {OUTPUTFILE}"

We are looking forward how you use this new powerful feature.  Also, let us know your feedback at any time!