Aug 19, 2014


Today we announce another long-wanted feature: presets.

Wouldn't it be nice to set your personal conversion options once and use them whenever you like? Now you can do so.


There are some new controls at the bottom left of the conversion specific options. You can save and load your presets there.

After saving a preset you can use it directly from the output format selection. Also, if you want to apply the preset to multiple files, you can do so with the batch controls at the right bottom.

Moreover you can use your presets using our API! This means you can set the conversion options once using our webinterface and use these options for API conversions. Check out the API documentation for details.

This new feature is just a small preperation for another great feature we are currently working on and you will see soon. Stay tuned!


Jul 15, 2014


We completely replaced the conversion technology for PDF to HTML conversions and can now offer PDF to HTML5 conversions!

The resulting HTML files will be well formatted and will preserve images, formulas, links and even custom fonts. The HTML file can be displayed in any modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE >= 9.

You can see an example conversion result here:

Or just try your own files here!

There are several options available, so you can set a zoom level, set a custom width/height for the pages or select if you want to embed the images / CSS / JavaScript / fonts in the HTML file or not.

We hope you like this new feature and are looking forward for your feedback!

May 23, 2014

Convert any website to PDF (or image)

A new highly practical CloudConvert function: Convert any website to a PDF file! This feature is not only useful for people who want to print out the internet - there are many use cases for saving a website as PDF. Moreover you can get a PNG or JPG image or even a SVG vector as website screenshot.

Under the hood we are using WebKit as rendering technology. This means the resulting PDFs and images will look like the website shown in a Chrome or Safari browser. 


We offer very advanced options to make it possible to adjust the conversion result to your demands. It is possible to set the Page size, Page margins or to zoom the website; also, you can disable JavaScript or convert HTML forms to PDF forms. The full list of options is available here.

May 23, 2014

Add any file by URL

Today we added a long wanted feature to the CloudConvert webinterface: Adding any file via URL! No need to download the file to your computer first and then upload it to CloudConvert again. This feature was already available on the API for a while and we added this possibility to the webinterface now.

Therefore we added a new item at the "Select files" dropdown:


After clicking "Add from URL" you have the possibility to enter the file URL.

We think this feature might be highly useful for some of you. We hope you like it!

Apr 20, 2014

CloudConvert for iOS

We are finally glad to announce CloudConvert for iOS! We spent a lot of effort to bring CloudConvert on the iOS platform - and now it is done! The universal app for both iPhone and iPad offers all functionality you are used to from the CloudConvert webinterface. Also, the web integrates into iOS to export and import any file from other apps. Of course, we support Dropbox and Google Drive as storage.

Mobile iOS devices are already established productivity devices for the daily use. There are a lot of professional apps out there that support you. We strongly believe CloudConvert is an additional helper for productivity on iOS devices.

The CloudConvert app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and is available now. If you like it (or not) we are thankful for every review!

Apr 9, 2014

PDF (Password) Decryption / Encryption

We added another great feature for PDF files!

You might know this problem: Someone sent you a password protected PDF file and you would like to remove this password protection to use the PDF file more easily (e.g. on your Smartphone or Tablet). CloudConvert can help you out with this problem now!

Therefore, just open the PDF file with CloudConvert and select PDF as output format. The button for the advanced options will appear.

Also, it is possible to add encryption (and password protection) to PDF files. In this case we offer very advanced options. So it is possible to allow (or not) the user to extract grphics from the PDF, to modify, annotate it etc.

We hope you like this new feature!